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9573 Shore Drive, Suite A, Virginia 23518

We are a Family Friendly Childcare Facility that believes that Children are inquisitive explorers and ready learners.

Angel’s Place Daycare Center incorporates the Creative Curriculum into our daily activities that will challenge and nourish the children’s interests. This is a theme-based curriculum set up on a weekly basis. 

Areas in which we focus are sensory awareness, creative and expressive arts, dramatic play, block building, fine and gross motor manipulations, language and reading skills, outdoor play, music and movement, math, science , and discovery learning.

These activities will allow your children to be successful and feel good about themselves, as well as promote exposure to a variety of cultures. The program will also encourage creativity and imagination through the use of various materials and mediums. Each age group has very different needs, and all of our teachers are experienced in handling these needs.

So if you need Child care and want to be part of a Large Family.

Feel free to visit our 14 year old Childcare Center we are here for your Child and You.

Contact Information
Phone: 757-227-3332