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1939 Kingston Ave, Virginia 23503

Every month, we deliver community-specific, private publications directly to our residents’ doors. The quality of our product has earned us a high level of adoration and engagement within the East Beach, Bay Point and Bay Breeze Point Neighborhoods. We have the eyes and attention of these homeowners, because the publications share stories and photos that come directly from the residents in the East Beach community.  Each issue is about them, by them, and for them.

Our residents shop differently and rely heavily on word of mouth experiences. Our publications are the gateway into these communities and a proper way to introduce and brand a business to our residents.

Our product is not a good fit for everyone. We only recommend and partner with top performing companies with quality products and service. Our residents’ experiences are of the utmost concern and we take our decision to introduce businesses to these desired communities very seriously for that reason.


Contact Information
Phone: 7573487809