SpexResources, LLC is a specifications consulting firm, specializing in Specifications Services to the Design Community.  SpexResources, LLC’s primary objective is to enhance the communication between the Owner, Designer, and Builder of a project thereby increasing desirable outcomes in a construction project.  Field experience as a Construction Inspector and Administrator provides insight in working with the design documents and the construction process to achieve positive results that work toward eliminating many contractual problems that occur despite the best efforts of all parties.

SpexResources, LLC provides specifications consulting services in the following key areas:

Specifications Writing and Coordination Services Including:

Outline Specifications,
Abbreviated Project Manuals,
Complete Broadscope Project Manuals,
Individual Specification Section Preparation,
Development of Office Master Specifications
and Specific Client “BoilerPlate” Documents.

Seminars for Project Team members regarding Fundamental Formats of Construction Documents.

SpexResources, LLC works with a design firm, not only to meet the owner’s program design criteria, but also to look at that same criteria on a “life-cycle basis”, researching and recommending products which could solve other end-user problems, such as “sustainability,” or “maintainability.”   In addition, SpexResources, LLC’s knowledge of and experience with the General Conditions portion of the typical Project Manual can add value to the end user’s overall budget by controlling potential contract changes in an organized fashion, thereby resulting in savings in project contingency expenditures.

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