Entrepreneurs and small business owners hire me to help them save time and make more money!

The greatest asset we have is our customers however the biggest challenge entrepreneurs and small business owners face is a lack of follow up and staying top of mind to increase referrals and repeat business. Did you know that 68% of your customers leave because they don’t think you care or value their business. It’s a very noisy virtual world and 89% of your emails are deleted, calls are screened, and social media post are here today and gone tomorrow!  Here’s the secret stay out of their inbox and get in their mailbox!

For 5 years this system keeps me top of mind and give me the ability to close 80% of my prospects by giving before receiving. Let me assist you in managing your follow up and staying top of mind to your prospects, clients and customers with a completely automate, customized and personalized system for your messaging. For those entrepreneurs and small business that want to do more target specific, direct mailings the post cards are unlimited and FREE. Those business owners looking for lead generation look no further it’s .10 cent a name with credit scores so you are not wasting you ad dollars. I look forward to helping you create loyal customers for life!

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