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Eric 0:00
Now in today’s episode, you’re going to get to listen in as I got to sit down and have a conversation with Sue Coyne at Studio East Salon. Sue’s amazing she’s been in business in this area for a while huge supporter of the community does an awful lot. And it was just so much fun to talk to her and, and hear about her, her business and the things that she enjoys to do all around Ocean View. So with that, let’s go ahead and jump into the episode. If you want to find any links to anything that su brings up or anything we talk about, head over to ocean Again, that’s ocean For the Episode Notes of today’s podcast, thanks a lot.

Eric 1:27
Right now I am sitting inside studio East. Did I get that right Sue?

Sue 1:32
Yes, yes, sir.

Eric 1:33
Okay, good. I just want to make sure I got that. We’re here on a Monday. It is cleaning day.

Sue 1:39

Eric 1:39
Yeah. So we might hear some background noise of cleaning. That’s okay. And you were telling me as I came in that cleaning day is something that’s kind of come up through the whole pandemic, right?

Sue 1:50
We were open seven days a week and then after the closed down mandatory closed down a salons, when we reopened, I kept Monday’s close so that we would have a day that we could do deep cleaning.

Eric 2:02
Yeah. Nice. All right, cool. Well, hey, this we’re not here to talk about, you know, pandemic stuff, things like that. We’re talking about DiscoverOV. But so I’m just kind of curious, I have no idea. And so I’m looking forward to hearing. How did you end up in Ocean View here for your business?

Sue 2:19
Well, I worked downtown again for 18 years, and I had been watching the growth. I live right around the block. I was watching the growth happen in a speech and they had the homearama there the first homearama. And I said to my husband, you know, there’s no salons around here. I think that we need a really good salon. And he said, Well, you should do it. And in 2006 we did it.

Eric 2:43
There you go. Yeah. Now I learned when I came in here, you actually have two sides. But when you started you started with the one right.

Sue 2:50
We one side I was gonna say a very small neighborhood salon. And within two years of opening, people were climbing all over each other. So we took the storefront right next to us and divided up to the spa side and the hair side.

Eric 3:06
Alright. Now how many people did you when you started? How many people did Jeff working for you?

Sue 3:11
There were five of us.

Eric 3:12
Five of you. Yeah, but and then before pre pandemic, you were up? You told me you were up to…

Sue 3:16

Eric 3:17
Yeah, that’s amazing and even right now,

Sue 3:19
Right now we’re 19

Eric 3:21
19. That’s fantastic. That’s growth. That’s 26, 19. That’s, that’s pretty that’s you’re a significant employer in this area. That’s really kind of cool. So. So tell me, what’s a project right now that you’re working on with the salon that you’re excited about?

Sue 3:38
Okay, we are going to get all new furniture in here. And so I’m shopping for new hair stations and chairs, new manicured tables, we have new pedicures spas already. And so we’re just trying to make the right decision before we get it all brought in. And if anyone knows anything these days, it takes a long time to get stuff shipped.

Eric 3:59
It does. Yeah, supplies are, but it’s looking great. You told me the floors new?

Sue 4:04
15 years anniversary was in April. So this is our 15 year gift to our community.

Eric 4:10
Oh, wow. That’s really great. Now we’re sitting here also by i think i don’t think it’s right for us to have a podcast interview and not mention you have your mascot sitting here. Besides you.

Sue 4:21
My mascot is a Christmas cactus that anyone that comes to Studio East is aware that this cactus blooms at least three times a year and never around Christmas. It’s huge. I’ve had it for 17 years and I keep thinking I should take it out it’s too big. And people like Please don’t take it out. So it is Studio East mascot

Eric 4:39
Yeah, it is. You mentioned that when I when I came in I thought that was I thought that was really fun. So Alright, cool. So things are going great here you’ve got you know now and we’ll before I forget, if somebody wants to schedule an appointment, what’s the best way should they call? Should they go to your website?

Sue 4:56
They can text they can go to the website, they can go to Facebook. They I can go on Instagram, we have many, many means of…

Eric 5:03
Okay, I tell you what, I will list all of those with links in the podcast episode. Yeah. So people will be able to just go to this episode, click right over, find your phone number, all kinds of stuff. Alright, so I’ll close the podcast out by telling people what the URL is because as I’m recording this with you, I can’t remember what number we’re on.

Sue 5:22

Eric 5:23
So but I’ll put that in the in the opening and closings.

Sue 5:26
I appreciate that, Eric.

Eric 5:27
Alright, so talking about ocean view a little bit You and I both live in this area. You know, we love OV, it’s a great place to live, work and play. So you know, if you could if there’s one thing in Ocean View that you would want to keep forever what would the one thing be?

Sue 5:46
Besides the people? Yes, I would say the pier. Yeah, that’s here after nice to have the pier. That beach is a great I love the beaches. Bay. The Bay oaks Park. Yeah, way back in the beginning, I helped pay for some money to help the petition to keep part of that Bay oaks area a park. So we did win. And we have a beautiful park there. Yeah. And if anyone comes to this, I would say definitely take your dogs. Take your kids. Go to the park and just have a nice full afternoon and cross the street and go to the beach.

Eric 6:21
There you go. We do we take our kids to that park. It’s a great, it’s a great Park. Yeah, it’s been fun to watch it come together last year’s. Great. So if there was one thing you could get rid of, in OV what would it be?

Sue 6:33
Some of the hotels.

Eric 6:34

Sue 6:36
They will need nicer hotels.

Eric 6:38
Yes. Yes.

Sue 6:39
I think that’s happening. I’ve been I’ve seen some come down. And the ones that are staying seem to be upping their game a little bit. So yeah,

Eric 6:46
I think there’s a little pressure there right now.

Sue 6:47
I would love to see us have some nice hotels in the area. I know we have some of the Airbnb is going on. So I think anyone that comes to this area, we have such nice quaint little stores and restaurants, that you can keep yourself busy.

Eric 7:03
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Sue 7:04
That’s a wrench electric bike.

Eric 7:06
Yeah, go. Yeah. Well, it’s it’s just, it’s nice. a quiet place. Yes. But you know, it’s a neat beach community feels.

Sue 7:14
It’s definitely a beach community.

Eric 7:16
What’s one thing you’d love to see us add?

Sue 7:19
Let’s see. What can we add?

Eric 7:22
I don’t know.

Sue 7:23
I don’t know.

Eric 7:23
Yeah. Okay.

Sue 7:25
I think I think you know, some more shopping we need a little more more.

Eric 7:27
A little more retail. Okay. A popular request is often more live music options.

Sue 7:33
Um, live music. Yeah. Couple more on the Friday thing we do.

Eric 7:37
Yeah, the big band.

Sue 7:38
Yeah. Things like that, like good. People play in the last two weeks.

Eric 7:42
Yeah. Yeah. Do you go down to a lot of events?

Sue 7:44
Yeah, take a chair. Yeah. You got the vendors down? Yes. And get yourself a hot dog. Get your beer and sit down and listen to music all night.

Eric 7:51
Yeah, it’s great. It’s a great place. It’s great. Yeah, it’s great place. Great place. Alright, cool. So if you were on vacation in Ocean View, what’s one place you would be glad you would visit it?

Sue 8:03
Okay, let’s see. Well, while we talk in restaurants, I mean,

Eric 8:06
whatever you like, whatever your place would be

Sue 8:09
Right down by the marinas. They don’t want a building there. But they have Stoney’s there. They have Surfrider, they’re long boards, Captain rubies. We’ve got a handful of really great restaurants on the East End, and then you go down to the west end of ocean view. We’re just there’s a whole nother you have the pier you can eat at you have a wall that you can eat. I’m trying to think of all the rooms.

Eric 8:33
Well, there’s a brand new one that just opened up. Yeah, but yeah, a world of good. They’re, they’re a mess. Yeah, they’re a member of the OVBA. And, man, it is good there. But doggy, doggy, doggy. I kept my wife always. I don’t remember. But it’s delicious. And it’s unusual foods. Yeah, it’s great. Yeah, street fruits from around the world

Sue 8:51
and then across the street again, and they go to the beach.

Eric 8:53
Right? That’s right, right across the street. Very cool. So you know, you’ve been a resident here for a while. So what are some fun things you’ve done, you know, fun experiences you’ve had around ocean view.

Sue 9:05
Up Friday nights going down, listen to live music.

Eric 9:08

Sue 9:09
Me and my friend, my friend and I, my friend and I on Fridays, we do lunches, and we only stay in Oceanview. So every Friday we pick a different restaurant. And we go and we have lunch and that’s our girls night out because we’re both old and we don’t go out that much.

Eric 9:25
So it’s it’s become a girl’s afternoon.

Sue 9:27
It’s a girls afternoon out and it’s a lot of fun. And we’re not the only girls out and you have to down having lunch in a cocktail.

Eric 9:33
There you go. Nice. And there are plenty there’s we’ve had a lot of new places the last couple of years. There. We need a few more. We’re getting a few more in some variety. But we’ve got great restaurants

Sue 9:45
Shopping center right now that has been holding out here. People like your shopping center has no stores. I’m like, I feel like the people that own this shopping center. Know, we’re waiting. We’re waiting for the bigger retailers. We’d like to have a pin there is come down here. Yeah. means some more places to shop like a TJ Maxx, we have a Marshall’s up the street, but it’d be nice to have a home goods. So I think that’s what this shopping center will be. I think you won’t be able to touch this shopping center in the next couple of years.

Eric 10:11
Okay, what is the shopping center

Sue 10:13
we’re in a speech marketplace,

Eric 10:14
the speech marketplace. Alright. And you’re in the kind of a

Sue 10:19
little parallel shopping.

Eric 10:21
So in the in the south side of it. Yeah. You know, away from the water. You’re on the south side. Back here. So great place. I tell you what, I know Monday is your cleaning day. But I got here at the beginning of I think the beginning there there were and I mean, the place is great, clean. Smells wonderful, beautiful shop. Yeah, thank you.

Sue 10:41
I appreciate you giving me the time.

Eric 10:44
Well, friend, thanks again for listening in. And Sue thanks for your time to sit down and have that conversation. Again for show notes. Or to learn more about joining the Ocean View Business Association you can head over to ocean view dot biz, and for the show notes of this episode specifically, go to ocean view dot biz/014 for Episode 14. Until next time, thanks for listening and we’d really appreciate it. If you would take a moment. Leave us a rating review and share this podcast so we can help others discover all there is to do an ocean you