Success Coaching and Training | Responding Well During Change

Brenda Wise Is a captivating speaker, highly regarded leader, successful trainer, and dynamic businesswoman. Brenda will focus passionately on assisting others in gaining new awareness and to view “change” as a positive opportunity to create the results one desires in life. Brenda has become increasingly aware of the importance of responding swiftly and effectively to a changing environment, as well as providing new learning in the area of communication, relationship marketing, and personal safety. This realization grants her a double portion of insight, which is confirmed by the increasing demand for such information and the powerful results that is gained. 

Brenda’s plethora of experience compliments her 36 years as a speaking professional, trainer, and entrepreneur making her unique background an asset to her training and consulting. Comfortable on the speaker’s platform and a natural in the training room, Brenda’s presentation comes alive while inspiring and motivating her audiences. 

Brenda has served as co-owner of an International Franchise Company with over 50 offices in the US, Mexico, and Canada. She has affiliations with the National Speaker Association, American Society of Training and Consulting, National Association of Business Women Owners,” Response” rape crisis, and Habitat for Humanity. 

Brenda is passionate about sharing knowledge that will transform the lives of individuals, while empowering them to improve their quality of life, by achieving their goals and fulfilling their destiny. 

Mission While standing firm on the beliefs and values that guide my life, along with a strong sense of integrity, I will passionately commit to empower people to take personal responsibility for improving their quality of life; thus allowing them to achieve the excellence they desire.

Clients NASA * Hewlett-Packard * DuPont * Sentara Hospitals Clemson University * Wilcox & Savage * Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters * Armada Hoffler * Continental Power Train, inc.* Bank of America * Stihl * Long & Foster * Public School System * Dominion Va. Power * Christian Broadcasting Network* Ameriprise Financial * Verizon * Commonwealth Attorney’s office * U.S. Government * All branches of Military Armed Forces * McPhillips, Deans & Roberts * J C Pennys * Va. Beach Health Services * PETA *Seaward Marine * Rite Aid *United Way * Virginian Pilot * Norfolk & Southern * Eastern Virginia Medical School * Mary Kay * 

Honors Awarded “Pioneer Award” for being a catalyst for creative and dynamic change in a system of the national network Received the “Silver Award” level of Excellence Earned the “Chairman’s Distinguished Achievement Award” for creating international recognition for Citizens Against Crime Presented “Business of the Year” by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioner’s Certified Zig Ziglar trainer for employee development, and Certified Master Trainer in the Neuro-Science of NLP by the Pennsylvania Institute of NLP 

Awarded “Rising Star” with BANKCODE technologies the future of Communication and AI. 

Brenda’s educational focus includes Business Administration, Communication, Behavioral Sciences. 

“Each day is a gift, each day is a lesson to be learned, and each day is an opportunity for growth”. Brenda Wise 

Working from Home, the New Normal

Be understanding and empathetic, we are all in this together. 

Morning routine: keep one!!!!!

Meditate – Gratitude journal, read, exercise, shower, dress       No PJ’s 


  1. Dedicated workspace: DOOR on it and try to teer clear of dining room table and sofa.
  2. Set boundaries / Create Schedules.
  3. Define your BIG 3 most important things to bring the greatest ROI.
  4. New and OLD ways to communicate video calls, text, note cards, etc.
  5. Take Breaks!!!!
  6. FOCUS.

Organize or reorganize your time – workflow and home balance

STAY POSITIVE and look at the good in the situation.