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Full Transcription

Eric 0:01
Hello, friend, and welcome to this episode of the Discover OV podcast. My name is Eric and I get to be your host, as we discover all there is to do in Ocean View. Now, in today’s episode, we continue with our new format where we’re going to talk with a local business owner, and you’re going to get to load just a little bit about their business and what they do, which is pretty phenomenal. I’m pretty excited to share what all this business owner does. Becky Styles with Tangles Wig Boutique, she’s amazing. They have a nonprofit, where they’re doing good work in our community, and just so excited for you to learn about them. But then we wrap things up by talking about Ocean View, some of our favorite places and things to do. And so I’m excited for you to learn a little bit about Becky and tangles and their nonprofit. And so this is what you can do, you’re going to when you hear this, you’re going to want to learn more about tangles, you’re going to want to connect with Becky because they’re doing great things. And so you can head over to our website, Ocean View.biz/013. This is the 13th episode of discover OV and so you can head over there Ocean View.biz/013. You get links to connect with Becky and also when you’re on the website. If you haven’t done it already, uh, go ahead and make sure you like and subscribe to the podcast and iTunes or your favorite podcast app and helps other people hear the podcast and discover it so they can discover all there is to do in Ocean View. Well, with that, let’s go ahead and jump into the conversation that I got to have. And then I’m excited for you to get to here with Becky Styles from Tangles.

Eric 1:58
All right. Well, everyone, like I said, I have been looking forward to this conversation, Becky, we have tried to connect a couple times and missed connecting but we are here today. And so thank you first off for being on the podcast. How are you doing today?

Becky 2:29
I’m doing great. How are you doing? I’m doing very well. Now in the introduction. I told everybody that we were going to be talking with Becky Styles of Tangles Wig Boutique. But I tell you, I am so excited for you to tell us about you and Tangles because when I first heard about all you do, I was inspired. I was impressed and I was excited. And I think you’re a gem in the community that not everybody knows about. So I’m so excited for people to hear about you today. So, Becky, I’m gonna turn it over to you for a moment. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Tangles to get us started here.

Becky 3:16
Okay, well, good morning. I am very excited to be here with you today. I am a native of Norfolk high school graduate Booker T Washington High School I can’t tell you what class ever. Tangles week boutique is a comprehensive salon, where we specialize in custom and commercial hair. Being that we specialize and waits for people who are suffering from medical hair loss. So, Tangles boutique, we supply, weight products, salon products, as well as the lawn services. I myself have been a licensed cosmetologist with the state of Virginia for over 30 years. As well as being a state board examiner for DPR in the state of Virginia. I took…

Eric 4:08
State certified What was that?

Becky 4:10
A state certify a state board examiner. So I certified the state board exam for cosmetology for the state of Virginia. Oh, wow. Okay. Wow, that’s great though. Working in the hair industry. I’ve worked for several companies. As you may know, I’ve platform work and taught as well. So I’ve educated and done a lot in the field of cosmetology for the past 30 years.

Eric 4:33
Wow. That’s exciting. I had no idea. See every time you and I get to talk or I get to hear you talk at an event. I learned more and more about you so you I don’t I don’t know how you have enough time in the day. You’re so busy with things

Becky 4:47
I do. It is just been overtime been blessed by the best. That’s all I can say. I just, you know, I get inspired with the younger stylists and things that’s coming up and I enjoy what I do. I love the people I work with the people that I help on a daily basis. And those that reach out to me and I can satisfy them. It’s a rewarding job. That’s why I stay with it and I love it so much.

Eric 5:10
That’s great. Where’s Tangles located for those that may not know.

Becky 5:13
Tangles is located in Norfolk on on little creek road nine by six little creek row inside the fair price marketplace, right across from the Wawa at the intersection of Chesapeake Boulevard and little creek road.

Eric 5:27
Oh, okay.

Becky 5:29
Because it’s a private suite. We carry hair, we carry commercial hair, wigs we carry salon products and all of the accessories as well as provide cosmetology services.

Eric 5:39
Great. Um, so like men and women, women.

Becky 5:45
Yeah, the whole family man women, I’m not limited by hair texture, color or style. I have worked with some of the top name companies such as the hair cuttery. I’ve worked as an independent stylist for 19 years. So I’ve worked for influence haircare as a platform stylist. So I’ve taught quite a bit and I have touched a lot of hair. So Tangled isn’t limited to man, woman or child as well as those who identify with different genders.

Eric 6:14
Sure, for sure. And like you said, and a lot of people don’t know this or not aware, and that’s okay. It was a learning curve for us as a family, but we are a mixed race family. And we all have very different hair. And so that was a learning curve and a challenge finding some place where we could take all four of our kids to one place because some people just do not know how to cut hair of deaf people of different races.

Becky 6:50
Right, right. Yeah. But I can’t say I’ve been blessed because I’ve worked for both different hair companies that specialize in all types of hair care, you know, military military haircut, you know, I have been opportunities working in just male dominated salon, you know, so I get to what I had learned, and I worked in a barber shop. You know, a lot of just guys. So I learned a lot as being a cosmetologist and an educator.

Eric 7:20
Yeah, that’s great. Now, I want to come back a second to the fact that you are doing custom wigs, is that right to do either custom wigs for people who are losing their hair because of medical conditions? And that would be things like cancer treatment, I assume and other things.

Becky 7:42
Yes, thyroid treatment, sometimes dermatology treatments. They lose their hair. No, just by I would say, some people when your hormones change your hair does too. So a lot of people experience male and female hair loss. I specialize in men as well as women with hair replacement. Yes, sir.

Eric 8:04
Oh, wow. Now, again, I the the do. And I apologize. I put you on the spot. I should have asked this before we started recording. Um, are you able to or were you able to at one time to even work with some insurance on that?

Becky 8:21
Yes, we’re in the process of being Medicaid certified.

Eric 8:25
That’s right. That’s right. I remember now you’re you’re in the process of that. Okay.

Becky 8:28
I plan for licensing with some of the major organizations right here in Hampton Roads being TRICARE and the Veterans Administration. And being you know, COVID slowed down the process quite a bit, you know, and it’s a very antiquated process. So I’m navigating through that. And I’m awaiting by, hey, you know, trophy in the mail. I’m waiting on it. So,

Eric 8:53
I have no doubt you’re going to get it. You are resilient and committed to things and so and with your success, you’ll keep going. You’ll keep going there. So Well, I’d love to take us another second. So that’s that’s one part of what you do there. But what about anything you have anything else? Any other projects you’re working on that you’re excited about right now?

Becky 9:15
Yes, I do. I would say what I want to introduce to you Sampson’s crown, which is a subsidiary of my business, which is Tangles Wig Boutique. Samson’s Crown is our nonprofit organization that deals with cancer. For gentlemen, we attend to the needs of gentlemen going through cancer treatment. So the same way a woman can go to the American Cancer Society and receive the care that she would may need in home dealing with cancer, the aesthetics with hair replacements, as well as the support groups. Samson’s crown, will be that facility for gentlemen only so they can share their experiences and strengthen each other through cancer treatment.

Eric 10:06
Wow, that’s great. And that now this is a relatively new part of your business and your organization what you’re doing. And so right now, is it all housed with you? You’d said someplace that this is a place people can go? Are you looking to one day expand into like Samson’s crown having its own physical location as well?

Becky 10:28
Yes, Sampson’s Crown will be the services that I provide with Sampson’s Crown right now done in my salon. We do provide resources as well as the statics they need. A lot of people don’t realize that gentleman or people going through cancer treatment or hair loss, still have to get up and go to work. So we had Samson’s crown introduced two gentlemen, the idea of temporary hair replacement, because a lot of times your hair does go back after cancer. So we offer you know, temporary hair replacement treatments, as well as products, helping them with the settings of what they need bars. When you go through chemo, what to expect, in our support group. Steel sharpens steel. So that’s our support group. And we have gentlemen that have fought cancer, survive cancer come in and talk to some of the gentlemen new experiencing cancer. So right now, we go to different facilities or different places to me, right now, we’re, I’m scheduling one for the middle of July. So we can get together. It’s not a weekly thing. It’s growing. It’s just starting, I had my first charity fundraiser in April. And it’s called We’re Building His Kingdom. And I’m excited about it. I think it’s a resource that’s really needed in our community, because gentlemen really don’t have a place to go when they go through cancer treatment, because it’s not the same.

Eric 12:01
Wow. I think that’s amazing. So first off, thank you for doing that. Second, I’m very excited that you’re I mean, you’re creating this right here in the backyard of ocean view. And so I think it’s something that a lot of our residents need to be aware of, and are able to support. So we will provide some links on this podcast episode. So if people want to go to our website, Ocean View.Biz we will make sure that there’s some links on this podcast episode. In fact, if people go to ocean view dot biz/013. That will be this episode right here that you’re listening to. And we’ll have links that people can follow. So does that sound good for you, Becky?

Becky 12:50
Great. Sounds great.

Eric 12:52
All right. Great. Well, um, thank you for sharing about that. And Tangles and Samsung’s Crown and all of that. And you know, part of this the podcast is we want to get to know the business owners that are part of the Oceanview Business Association. We also want for people to get to know about your business. But then we also want to take a moment just to talk about OV talk about the ocean view here. So we’ve got a few questions we ask everybody that’s on the podcast here. And so my question, the first one is this. If you could add one thing to ocean view right now, what would that be? What would you love to see added to ocean view?

Becky 13:37
My goodness, what I would love to see added to ocean view. I mean, it’s growing in so many ways right now. It’s hard to put a because you’re tapping into most I mean, we building up the beaches is really beautiful day. The scenery, it’s all growing. Um, anything I could add, I would say live music on the weekend. Yeah, the first time it is beautiful out. The ob sun is up the you know, it’s just time and it’s you know, since COVID. I welcome everybody come come to the beach. I’m at the beach. I live in ocean view. So enjoy it.

Eric 14:24
Well, that’s exciting. And I did just hear that I know big band. I think it’s big band Fridays, is going to be back this summer at the park, and so that’s good. But I would like to like you see more and diversity of live music. And so No, that’s good. That’s exciting. You’re the first person that’s brought that up. I love that. Um, if you could keep one thing forever an ocean view, what would be the one thing you would want to see kept

Becky 14:58
Kept away from ocean view.

Eric 15:00
Kept in Ocean View, like something that’s part of ocean view that you really want to see it, you know, kept and protected.

Becky 15:08
That beach of course.

Eric 15:10
Yeah, yeah, I agree in the view like, be like,

Becky 15:14
Don’t trash the beach, you know, respect the beach, you know, it keeps us clean. A lot of people don’t realize the value of the ocean itself, you know. And I think it’s a travesty for people to go out there and just throw trash and leave all that mess. You know with you bring it take it back with you, you know. So I know I go to the beach, I walked the beach and I love the fact that we keep them clean. You know, we keep we have a day where we go and clean up the beach, you know. So,

Eric 15:46
I agree. I think it’s one of those things that definitely takes the community to be a part of and help like, the city is raking the beach, stuff like that. But, you know, I go for a walk almost every morning on the beach. And you know, I try to pick up trash when I see it. And so I think it takes community but like you said, it starts with people just there trash cans. very conveniently located on the beach. So but yeah, keeping things cleaned up. I agree. I agree protecting our beach. So if you were on vacation in Ocean View, what’s the one place in addition to Tangles? What’s the one place that you would be glad that you visited while on vacation here?

Becky 16:32
Definitely the Bishop Pier. Yes. Definitely Bishop Pier. Because it has everything I love. It has the view. And it has the food.

Eric 16:42
Does it does? Yeah. And if you happen to fish, it also has that.

Becky 16:48
Yeah, yeah, the ability to fish now when I was a child, I fished and crab all I came. But since they can prepare it deliciously upstairs, I will up the line and go to the sea.

Eric 17:06
That’s great. You just save yourself a few hours. Not having to clean up your kitchen and all that just jump to the end of the experience and buy some delicious fish up on top. That’s

Becky 17:20
Enjoy the view. Now don’t forget I’m still enjoying the view out the water still missing in my face. Just like I’m on the sea. And so my fish already come prepared.

Eric 17:32
That’s too funny. And did you know I think this is amazing. It is the longest pier on the east coast.

Becky 17:40

Eric 17:41
Yeah. Yeah, I’ve met a lot of people don’t know. I don’t like, you know, I think that’s pretty amazing. We have the longest pier on air because they did if you ever walk out to the end, you’re walking for a bit. I mean, it’s it’s a big Pier.

Becky 17:54
Yes, it is. I love it. And they did have music. I think they’re just they’re having a band on some Fridays up there.

Eric 18:05
Oh, no, yeah. Well, I think if anybody’s listening to this that has a band, or is wanting to get started as a musician. Man, start reaching out to some places in Oceanview and start offering, you know, to set up and and then you know, let us know here at the ocean view Business Association. And we can help promote that and get the word out. So that would be that’d be great. So um, so last question for you, Becky here. Besides the pier. Are there any other fun experiences? You have had an ocean view? Or would you say the pier in the beach has kind of sums it up for you?

Becky 18:45
Uh, yeah, I will say I will admit I am a foodie. So I do try different restaurants and ocean view. I enjoy the new surf rider. Yeah, that’s right over the water. You know, it’s, you know, I kind of venture I go different places I kind of, you know, scroll through and see what’s the best at the beach. I put in Ocean View zip code. And they take me to different places. So I’ve just been, you know, here since COVID. You know, venture out on Sundays to see you know, what’s new and kind of enjoy was there because I have to find a time to decompress. Yeah, and I like to do that over delicious sea food.

Eric 19:33
There you go. Well, and now what’s what’s great is, you know, somebody can come you park your car, you can go to like pedigo bike rentals, rent an electric bike or even with the lime scooters, you know, the round get the lime scooter out, you know, go to you know, go to Taste of Good or we just got a new member of the OTB Business Association. Just this week Franco’s. Um, yeah. It’s a restaurant in the ocean view Plaza by the Harris teeters it’s an Italian restaurant.

Becky 20:09

Eric 20:10
Um, yeah, I have not heard of it. Somebody just was telling me about it. And they say, it’s amazing. So I’m excited to go there and try out Franco’s. But you know, you could go there and have dinner and then go over to the park and the views and go up to the pier. Get yourself some ice cream. You know, I mean, you could easily and you go, you can go to taste a good for appetizers, go to Franco’s for dinner, go up to the pier for dessert. And then you go back and go to Cova or bold Mariner. I mean, you can easily spend a great evening going up and down the beach in ocean view. And have a wonderful time.

Becky 20:55

Eric 20:55

Becky 20:56
That. Yeah.

Eric 20:58
Yeah, it’s been it’s been fun to see it. Changing, growing and just good. It’s an exciting time in Ocean View.

Becky 21:06
Yeah, keep you updated on what’s going on. And output different events are things that we have on my website on the OVB page. So everybody can keep up with Samson’s crowd because we are growing. We have different events that scheduled that’s coming up different fundraisers in order to build our community with Samsung’s Crown and Tangles Wig Boutique. Yeah, so

Eric 21:33
That’s great. And fun fundraisers to what what was your last fundraiser?

Becky 21:39
We had a silent auction, silent auction, and a entertainment a drag show, we had different people come out different vendors come out and support our organization. And we had entertainment and you know, I had a lot of vendors that, donate it to the cause. And I know it’s just super exciting. You know, we have another fundraiser, donating shoes. And, you know, we give back to the community quite a bit. So I’m just super excited to see where it’s going and see how God is leading me in different directions to support people who need assistance. You know, I’m just blessed for the fact that he chose me to do this job. And that everything else because it gave me what I could hold for y’all having me this morning, you know, to tell about my business. I thank you for that.

Eric 22:33
Absolutely, Becky, I mean it, we are lucky to have you a part of ocean view. And I just, I think it’s amazing, all the things that you’re doing and you truly you truly are a business on mission. You’re, you know, you’re an entrepreneur, but you’re also a philanthropist. You’re giving back to the community you’re starting and growing Samson’s Crown and, and you know, you like good food. So I appreciate that about you as well. So

Becky 23:05
thank you.

Eric 23:06
Alright, thank you very much for being on the podcast.

Becky 23:10

Eric 23:12
Well, friend, thanks again for listening to this episode of the Discover, oh, the podcast. We would love to hear from you. Who would you like to hear from on the podcast and if you’re a local business owner, please consider joining the ocean view Business Association. It’s the only requirement to be a business guest on the podcast here for discover ob. You can learn more about this by listening to our member directory and so much more by heading over to ocean view dot biz. Thanks a lot. Have a great day.